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SpeedLease® is a quick and effective calculator of Lease Quotes for all types of business equipment.

SpeedLease® is designed to provide with indicative lease quotations on business equipment purchases. Ideal for use by business owners, Equipment Vendors, Accountants and Finance brokers.

SpeedLease® is a one–stop mobile application for leasing terms on all types of business equipment.


  • Multi-Currency, STG, USD and EUR
  • Calculate Lease Payments based on Capital Amount
  • Calculate Capital Amount based on Lease Payments
  • Save and Retrieve Lease Quotes
  • Email Quotes
  • Apply for Credit


  • Instantly produce a Lease Quote for any capital amount of business equipment
  • Accurate and competitive Lease Rates
  • Easily email Lease Quotes
  • Easily apply for credit.

With SpeedLease® you have access competitive lease quotations anywhere and at any time.

SpeedLease® – Fast, Effective, Leasing for Business Equipment

Download – This application is fully supported for iOS Version 11.

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